KOTA KINABALU: Colours of Borneo

Minimum: 2 Persons. Start Time: 13:45. Duration: 4 hours. 
Meal: NA.  Departure: Daily   Type: Shared/Join tour. 
Pick-up point: Hotel in city centre.  Language: English.

Includes: Hotel pick-up & drop-off, guide, transportation, Entrance Fee, Parking

A fun day outing with family to explore the different aspects of Borneo as you learn the art of Batik painting, visit a Pottery factory to admire the local Borneo motifs used in ceramics and try experience the crab catching/fishing. Enjoy a short cruise on a unique local raft through mangroves learning about the importance of this riverine forest before enjoying a cup of “Teh Tarek” literally translates to “pulled tea” a popular drink amongst the locals.


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