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We specialise in organizing travel packages for individuals, corporate and leisure groups in the Asia Pacific region. We pride ourselves in Fufilling what we have promised to deliver and to always display Reliability, Professionalism, Accountability in the course of our work. 

How to Enquire?
To find out more about our packages, simply call +65 63388736. Alternatively, you may also drop by our office at 175A Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square Offices #08-05. We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.

29212 good ME 3/16/2017 Thanks for the prompt reply..really appreciate it..will get back to you if i were to consider taking your tour package
29757 good SS 3/16/2017 Speedy reply, friendly and polite customer service oficer. 
29897 good ME 3/15/2017 good
29725 good RC 3/14/2017 I am very satisfied with Rochelle who handled my request promptly. Good job.
29512 good RC 3/14/2017 Very good and efficient service and support.  
28994 good ME 3/13/2017 Good service.  Thank you.
28758 good ME 3/13/2017 Keep it up Melanie. You have a good services attitude.  I will recommend you to my friend. If they have any inquiry will directly looking for you. Wish you have a good future in customer services line. Keep it up!!! 
29326 good KL 3/13/2017 Yes, I'm satisfied and they keep update me the latest information. Thank you so much. 
29401 good ME 03/12/2017 customer service was friendly and helpful.
29229 good RC 03/12/2017 Very prompt reply and booking. Staff keep customers updated of process Good job to Rochelle & Syafiq Fuss-free and seamless , making the start of my trip very enjoyable 
29440 good SS 03/10/2017 Good support, quick responses.
29495 good SS 03/10/2017 Staff very patience and kind 🙌
29135 good KL 03/10/2017 Ker Lee Chua was fantastic in handling my reservation and clarifying my travel intentions. She was patient, courteous, and very prompt in all her communication. Thank you for such wonderful service!
28995 good RC 03/09/2017 Rochelle is polite and prompt in her services. Keep it up.👍🏻
29437 good KL 03/09/2017 kindly take note detail bellow,i had make an amendment and receive your amend doc,but in this doc the detail still not update.anyway im happy with your quick respond.
28943 good KL 03/09/2017 Ms Ker Lee was very prompt in her reply and answer all my queries patiently. Very happy with the service. 
29280 good ME 03/09/2017 Confident and swift response.
29339 good SS 03/08/2017 Good
29194 good ME 03/07/2017 Good booking experience. Very pleased so far. 
29129 good SS 03/07/2017 superb amazing service. thank you
28942 good ME 03/07/2017 The staff  Melanie is helpful. In future i may come back to join the package.  Please update me any promo. Thanks
28888 good ME 03/07/2017 Melanie has been very helpful n attentive to our needs. She did a good job. Kudos yo her.
29000 good SS 03/04/2017 Staff were polite and very helpful. They were patient with my questions and answered me to their best abilities.
29041 good ME 03/04/2017 Excellent service! Melanie showed extra effort to get the best possible price in the system even for the last minute. I would like to commend her for the awesome job! Thank you Melanie. It was a great experience and deserves a promotion and/or a pay hike! Well done! Thank you so much 🙂
29001 good SS 03/04/2017 Good, Im Satisfied. Great support!! Syafiq was very helpful
27796 good ME 03/03/2017 Wonderful & efficient service rendered by Melanie!!  
29106 good SS 03/03/2017 fast respond
28690 good RC 03/03/2017 Rochelle was quick in replying and responding to all my enquiries. Very smooth and easy transaction process.
28642 good KL 03/02/2017 VERY HELPFUL 🙂 THANKS KER LEE.
28456 good RC 2/27/2017 Convenient and quick reply. Keep it up👍🏻
28624 good SS 2/27/2017 Thank you so much Loko poko Travel"
28257 good RC 2/24/2017 Thanks for time and efforts to provide the package details and pricing. Also like the way it was followed up. Only thing I would like to advise is that pricing wise I found huge difference on this site compare to other. 
28308 good SS 2/24/2017 Prompt response and efficient services 
28480 good KL 2/24/2017 Thank you Ms. Ker Lee Chua about your reply 😊. 
28432 good RC 2/24/2017 Rochelle was my primary contact although Melanie was good, also. Rochelle was smart, responsible and very good. Lokopoco Travel is lucky to have her as an employee! Thank you for her service!
28323 good SS 2/24/2017 Fast response. Good service.
27886 good SS 2/24/2017 Pleasant services, fast reply 
28277 good RC 2/23/2017 She displayed good customer service by accommodating patiently my query and request. Satisfied to hear what i'm expecting 
28208 good ME 2/22/2017 Prompt replies and provided great assistance to my reservation. 
28304 good SS 2/22/2017 I have received clear and needy answer. Very good service and fast reply.
27750 good KL 2/22/2017 Ms. Chua Ker Lee is very prompt and cordial in her responses.
28375 good SS 2/21/2017 Syafiq has been a great help!
28003 good RC 2/21/2017 I’m very  pleased with the quality of service provided by Rochelle CANDELARIA . I sincerely appreciate her responsiveness and the way she conducts service. 
27933 good RC 2/21/2017 Very prompt. Thumbs up!
28003 good RC 2/20/2017 I’m very  pleased with the quality of service provided by Rochelle CANDELARIA . I sincerely appreciate her responsiveness and the way she conducts service. 
28005 good KL 2/20/2017 very good service with promt action as per request, I would love to continue being customer with Lokopoko tour again
27548 good KL 2/20/2017 The officer is helpful and prompt.  Thanks.
26938 good RC 2/19/2017 Good support, just don't rush me for payment plz.
26898 good ME 2/19/2017 Hi The entire event went well as planned. There are a couple of comments for your attention for further improvement:- There were 7 vegetarians among us out of 14. Despite the Guide's reminder to the hotel, we had difficulties getting proper vegetarian meals for breakfast. Their  breakfast service created unpleasant experiences for us. – The Guide could have checked with us what food we wish to select from the menu instead of she ordering the items for us. There were occasions ordered food was wasted as we didn't like the items. Despite our reminders to her, this was not ensured. Other than the above 2 matters, we enjoyed the trip and the guide and drivers did a good job. Thank you.
27176 good RC 2/18/2017 Very prompt reply i am please about it keep it up
27947 good SS 2/17/2017 Really good service. I would recommend it to others as well.
27755 good KL 2/16/2017 5 stars service.  Fast and prompt reply
27708 good ME 2/15/2017 Booking and transaction was fast and prompt.very satisfied.
27142 good RC 2/15/2017 Rochelle has been a very pleasant and given me my request and to what i need, the service was given was her was excellent and she has been always follow up till all are complete. I would not need to chase or wondering as she has done it before i have wanted to.  This is my 3rd time getting the package thru this agency and she has serve me 2 request. Keep It UP!!!! Thumbs up!!!  Thanks & Warms Regards, Ms Masayu Senin 
27679 good RC 02/12/2017 Nice response 
27372 good KL 02/10/2017 Is it expenses?
27444 good RC 02/10/2017 Efficient staff knowledgeable helpful and courteous. Will sure will travel Lopoko again and recommend friends too. Thanks for the service rendered.
27503 good SS 02/09/2017 Fast and efficient support given! 
27564 good SS 02/09/2017 syafiq is a great customer representative.. prompt in his replies and very detailed in his explanation. very good recommended!!
27459 good RC 02/08/2017 Staff very helpful & informative.Keep it up!!
27394 good SS 02/08/2017 Syafiq was very helpful and went the extra mile to help me. Really commend him for good service. 
27513 good ME 02/08/2017 Thanks Melanie for quick help! I will await your email!
27111 good SS 02/07/2017 No problem with customer service. I did suggest that website reminds customer of items not included in payment when on the payment page. If customers miss this info on website bec they went straight into booking, this reminder would be a good checkpoint.
27209 good SS 02/06/2017 Very good service. Helpful and quick. 
27263 good SS 02/05/2017 the service staff, Mr Syafiq has been prompt in my request though it came very last minute (called on Friday for Monday departure) and attentive to my needs. close to personalised travel agent i must say! once again – as multiple returning customer of LokoPoko, I am greatly satisfied
25914 good ME 02/04/2017 Melanie has been very patient and helpful throughout.
27078 good SS 02/04/2017 fast respond. thanks 🙂 going to book the trip soon 🙂 thanks to helpful agent 🙂
27179 good SS 02/04/2017 Friendly and clear
27185 good SS 02/04/2017 fast service
27065 good SS 02/03/2017 great service
27139 good SS 02/03/2017 Syafiq has been a great help throughout my queries & request. I am glad to be attended by him.
26948 good SS 02/02/2017 Thank you Syafiq SININ.  He is prompt and efficient.  Helpful to provide info and useful tips. 
26794 good SS 02/02/2017 Very good
26801 good ME 02/02/2017 Prompt reply. Melaine was nice and amicable. Will consider the tour. 1 person ex. Need to find another partner. Will let u know when im ready to take up the tour. Tks.
26913 good RC 02/02/2017 The staff is very fast to respond.
26964 good SS 02/02/2017 Thank you for the prompt reply.
24865 good ME 02/01/2017 Very professional service and always prompt in getting back and following up. Melanie is Great !! Keep up the good work Melanie.
26811 good SS 02/01/2017 The online chatting function its very helpful 
26614 good KL 1/31/2017 My inquiry was answer promtly and well detailed 
26556 good SS 1/30/2017 Very responsive, and accommodating. Superb service for going the extra mile. I am definitely going to use Lokopoko again! 
26832 good ME 1/29/2017 Very helpful and instant responses. Looking forward to my trip. Thanks 
26624 good SS 1/27/2017 Friendly and helpful
26547 good KL 1/26/2017 Very patient with our queries.
26103 good RC 1/25/2017 tnxs
26404 good ME 1/25/2017 Very nice and response very fast. Thanks alot.
26660 good SS 1/24/2017 Super friendly guy. Was helpful throughout the enquiry process. His replies were prompt as well. He knows his products well. Will book future travel plans with him again.
26418 good RC 1/23/2017 response very fast and reliable. So much patience in dealing with the customer. She served me very well. Good Job!!! 
26415 good ME 1/23/2017 satisfied with the fast and reliable response.
26080 good RC 1/21/2017 Awesome. Really they're professional…. Highly recommended.
26262 good RC 1/20/2017 good im satisfied
26247 good RC 1/20/2017 Question was answered promptly. And very efficient. 
25887 good SS 1/20/2017 Very helpful and informative
26356 good SS 1/20/2017 na
26140 good SS 1/20/2017 I had a very good experience with lokopoko service especially to SININ, the agent who's very accomodating and friendly. Thanks for the effort and kind assistance. Good Job!:)
26325 good SS 1/20/2017 Thank you Syafiq for your prompt reply on each & every enquiry i made. You are so dedicated to your job. Your service is beyond excellent. I am truly pleased by the service you've rendered. Thank you once again. 
26032 good ME 1/19/2017 I am extremely please with the support of your team.  Unfortunately I could not go this time but will definitely a long stay in Sri Lanka and will call Lokopoko
26382 good SS 1/19/2017 Syafiq is very responsive to my queries. He is also very professional, Lokopoko is lucky to have such an asset
26169 good RC 1/19/2017 Fast, consistent and professional 
26273 good RC 1/19/2017 She was courteous, helpful and informative
26308 good ME 1/18/2017 Wow very nice  service… thanks…
26206 good KL 1/18/2017 UNTIL NOW GOOG SERVICE
26081 good SS 1/18/2017 Syafiq is very fast in response to my query. Info provided is explicit. 
25946 good ME 1/18/2017 So far the best ever experience with a travel agent I engaged with. very prompt and very fast.
25974 good RC 1/17/2017 Thank you! Your staff are very helpful. 
24944 good KL 1/17/2017 Thanks for the timely response.
25653 good KL 1/17/2017 well
25581 good SS 1/16/2017 Will definitely use your services again.
25916 good ME 1/15/2017 Thanks
25788 good SS 1/14/2017 Very good, fast and efficient. Great service and follow up as well.  Thank you.
25641 good KL 1/13/2017 Fast response and helpful to meet our requirements 
25835 good SS 1/13/2017 Syafiq was of help as the booking was made but hotel unavailable as per Rochelle through chat. He helped to book another hotel without additional payment. 
25585 good RC 01/11/2017 My 1st time booking thru lokopoko & was very impressed by the simple,easy & fast service & website. The customer service that i liase with was polite. Dont actually recall his name (i think it Asri or Azni). He was very helpful & straight to the point on his reply to me was very pleased but I'm yet to see all the booking materialize on the actual day. Tqvm locopoko! U made my day. 
25596 good SS 01/11/2017 Fast n Efficient. Shafiq was helpful n checkback my details.
25554 good RC 01/11/2017 Fast response. Fantastic!
25549 good RC 01/11/2017 very nice person, can advise and give the details, response is very fast also
25155 good RC 01/10/2017 Fast and efficient…everything was clearly explained. Thank you Rochelle. 
25191 good ME 01/10/2017 Melanie is very helpful and patient to help me book for my trip. I am very happy as the whole process was so easy.
25528 good SS 01/10/2017 Prompt respond.  We are very pleased with his service. Keep up the good work. 
25188 good RC 01/09/2017 nice and prompt reply. thank you
25250 good RC 01/07/2017 Rochelle was very diligent in following up to insure that I got the short getaway trip that I very much needed. Bravo…!
25422 good SS 01/07/2017 Very good! Will purchase again next time
25273 good RC 01/07/2017 Support is very prompt! 
25424 good SS 01/06/2017 GOOD SERVICE
25027 good ME 01/05/2017 she reply fast and explain the details . 
24882 good RC 01/05/2017 I like the quick response from your representative.
25219 good KL 01/04/2017 friendly and prompt reply
25087 good RC 01/04/2017 Very good
24924 good RC 01/03/2017 Rochelle is friendly and helpful. She answered all my enquiries. Thank you!
24795 good RC 12/29/2016 Rochelle was really friendly and patient. Service provided was great! 
24019 good RC 12/29/2016 Good support, Ms.Rochelle gave a clear details of the package and itinerary .thanks for your support 
24613 good CC 12/28/2016 I'm not satisfied with transport in batam the bus is flimsy n bad.
24735 good SS 12/28/2016 Syafiq is very helpful and efficient in reverting to all my queries. Love his service! 
24378 good KL 12/28/2016 Ms Chua is very responsive to any of my request, recommend this agency and Ms Chua
24196 good RC 12/27/2016 Replies are prompt even during weekends!
24741 good SS 12/26/2016 Very satisfied with the customer service provided by Syafid. He is very patient, prompt and super fast  in answering all my query.  Thumb up!!! Will definitely come back to Lokopoko Travel for my travel in the future. Thanks.
24535 good SS 12/22/2016 Fast response!! Efficient and friendly
24461 good SS 12/20/2016 Support has been very prompt. Queries were also answered promptly. Very good support from Syafiq. Thank you!
24520 good KL 12/20/2016 good and clear information.patient enough
24035 good RC 12/19/2016 good
24383 good SS 12/18/2016 Fast reply. Unfortunately exceed my budget. Thank you for your time taken.
24114 good RC 12/16/2016 Just wanted to say thank you to Lokopoko and you for the all-round excellent service rendered. The process, even with changes, was seamless and my family had a very good time. Thank you for taking care of all the bookings for us. It is my first time booking with Lokopoko, will definitely be back for more!
24011 good RC 12/14/2016 I'm very happy and pleased with Rochelle's excellent service!
24100 good KL 12/13/2016 very helpful and informative =))
23843 good CC 12/13/2016 Quick Respond. Keep  it up 
23914 good SS 12/13/2016 The customer service officer was friendly and responded fast to my queries. This is my first time booking thru this company and I'm extremely satisfied with their customer service.
24053 good KL 12/13/2016 good and friendly help. Provided answer very quickly
24033 good RC 12/13/2016 very good customer service.. reply my query and doubt…will book other trip with them again
21969 good RC 12/12/2016 Rochelle did a wonderful job by helping us with the places when we were concern with paying extras.
23559 good CC 12/11/2016 Fast response….
23451 good ME 12/09/2016 Syafiq was great! He replied to my emails promptly and never failed to clarify my doubts throughout this process. It was the first time I made a booking through Groupon. This was indeed a very smooth and great experience. I could only hope for other customer service officers to be as approachable. This experience made my booking experience an easy process. Big thanks to Syafiq for his guidance and advice. 
22261 good RC 12/09/2016 Rochelle and her colleague Syafiq SININ are very responsible and helpful staff. Especially Rochelle, she has attended to my numerous queries patiently and response swiftly, very great of her!
To be frank, we have done some research & price comparison, it would be cheaper if we book tour online thru expedia or directly, however we decided to go thru Lokopoko was the service provided by Rochelle that has touched us made us feel more comfortable to leave our itinerary with her than online booking ourselves.
I am more than satisfied with the service provided. I will definitely recommend this travel agency to my contacts.
Wish her all the best!
Thank you Rochelle and the team!
best regards,
Gillian Pok
23367 good SS 12/09/2016 Syafiq's support and helpfulness goes beyond tremendous. Lokopoko must be privileged  to have him on the team. Well done!!!   Thank You very much for your support.
23829 good SS 12/09/2016 friendly !
22747 good RC 12/09/2016 I met your staff Rochelle, she is very sincere and honest in her recommendations. Striking a balance between  pleasing a customer and company profitability is never easy. 
23282 good RC 12/09/2016 good response,, no comments
23813 good SS 12/08/2016 Quiet Helping
23548 good RC 12/07/2016 good. the response is fast
23357 good RC 12/06/2016 Good
23031 good ME 12/05/2016 Great that I was able to change my ferry timing a day before the trip, however it was not communicated to the agency at Batam side.
The guide there had to own self find out the change in ferry timing from Batamfast counter, made 2 trips & I also had to pay for the guide's wasted trip.
23010 good CC 12/04/2016 Fast and friendly reply.
22700 good ME 12/01/2016 Good support 
23207 good KL 11/30/2016 Super helpful and informative support team! I would rate the support service 5 stars, unfortunately, I can only rate a thumbs up. Keep it up!
22741 good ME 11/30/2016 Melanie was excellent providing all the required information and handling everything, good service. 
22466 good RC 11/28/2016 I got all information my trip plan to Bintan.Thanks Ms Rochelle 🙂 
22592 good ME 11/28/2016 The quality of service provided to us by Ms. Melanie is quick and very efficient. We will definitely book again on one of our future trips.
22855 good ME 11/28/2016 The prompt response is very much appreciated! 🙂
22458 good ME 11/28/2016 Staff are very efficient in handling my request.
22696 good ME 11/26/2016 Good, easy booking
22975 good KL 11/26/2016 very good.. answer my question very fast
22847 good ME 11/26/2016 Instantly response with satisfactory answer
Helpful and able to handle situational scenario.
21850 good KL 11/25/2016 Constant updates gd keep it up
22730 good RC 11/25/2016 Response was swift! Would recommend friends and use Lokopoko again!
21593 good ME 11/25/2016 Melanie has been very helpful & informative.
We did not book with you all due to price. 
22774 good KL 11/24/2016 Am very satisfied with your service.Thanks ker Lee..Regards Balaji.
21892 good KL 11/23/2016 I am simply impress with your service and appreciate a lot.
Outstanding. Thank you so much. 
22613 good ME 11/22/2016 At least she try to find solutionfor me
21130 good ME 11/21/2016 Melanie is very prompt in her replies and tries her very best to attend to our queries.
She clarifies our concerns and reassure us on how our booking process could be done as well as fix the tour package as close as to our needs of my company's staff retreat.
Most importantly, Melanie is very friendly, frank and approachable!
Thank you very much Melanie!
My Team and I are looking forward to our Bali Trip 🙂
22394 good RC 11/21/2016 Great support rendered and very pleased of her prompt reply and help. Thank you, although the trip was a little rush and hotel destination was rather far from city, but we have enjoyed our mini trip and kids are looking forward for return.
Thank you, again.
22395 good SS 11/20/2016 Prompt revert and informative customer service. Will recommend friends. 
22447 good SS 11/19/2016 Very fast response to my queries and order. Well done.
22318 good SS 11/18/2016 Excellent 
21355 good KL 11/17/2016 Very professional and fast response.
22226 good KL 11/16/2016 Fast response. Well done !!
21225 good SS 11/15/2016 Overall booking with Loko Poko was surprisingly hassle free. Mr Syafiq was transparent about trip details and very helpful in clarifying any uncertainties. To top it off the deals are good; i'd definitely book with them again.
22002 good SS 11/15/2016 The service support is good and fast.
22240 good KL 11/15/2016 Awesome
21722 good KL 11/14/2016 Ms Chua is very efficient.
Very helpful in advising on trip, courteous and friendly.
21999 good RC 11/14/2016 Rochelle, came to my aid promptly and she is able to answer my queries promptly. she is also friendly.
I give a big thumbs up for the service and chat technology.
keep up the good service!!
21934 good SS 11/14/2016 Syafiq is very helpful in assisting me with my current booking.  Thank you so much. Hope my sister will have a pleasant stay.
21701 good KL 11/13/2016 Quick response
21195 good RC 11/13/2016 Rochelle was very efficient and helpful in attending to my booking. She also provided me with alternatives when there were no suitable dates for the initial package which i bought on groupon 🙂
21834 good RC 11/10/2016 Good, I have received all information.
21938 good SS 11/10/2016 Cool and appreciate your help 🙂
21308 good ME 11/08/2016 the process has been relatively simple and thanks Melanie for responding to enquiries fast!
21573 good RC 11/08/2016 Very helpful and prompt response
21684 good SS 11/08/2016 Excellent!
21302 good ME 11/07/2016 I am very satisfied with your service, especially your prompt replies. 
#21563 good RC 11/06/2016 Rochelle is very helpful, patient friendly and polite!
#21529 good RC 11/06/2016 Quality of support still have room for improvements. Speed of reply to customer can be a little faster. Although she has replied me within the same day, it was maybe because I called and ask for updates. If not, it may not be so fast.
#21454 good SS 11/05/2016 I would like to special thank you Mr Syafiq Sinin! Very patient and guide me all the way.. step by step! Thumb up
#21374 good SS 11/04/2016 Replies were timely and interaction personable. Thank you.
#21498 good KL 11/04/2016 Excellent service fr your chat team! Keep up the good work!
#21171 good RC 11/03/2016 Lokopoko staff are helpful I will come back for my next trip.
#21469 good ME 11/02/2016 Excellent & efficient service by the customer care team
#21060 good RC 11/02/2016 Very nice and patient, prompt and detailed reply
#19314 good ME 11/02/2016 It was good getting associated with you guys..
#20914 good KL 11/01/2016 Well done, very accomodating and friendly customer service representative
#21102 good RC 11/01/2016 Rochelle followed up regularly to update me on available hotels, following the error on lokopoko website and that is highly commended. However I believed that Lokopoko Management could have sourced a better hotel to upgrade me for the inconvenienced caused. Now I have to make additional travel to Nagoya to meet my golfing buddies who are staying in that location. And since iI had to agree to a hotel located away from my original paid booking, Lokopoko should have at least offered me a better room or a complimentary Batam-Sin return ferry ticket for my 1730hrs departure. Thats my personal assessment of the error incurred by Lokopoko, not my booking mistake. Regards…ks ng
#21190 good SS 11/01/2016 Very helpful and fast response.
#21373 good SS 11/01/2016 very helpful & informative
#20771 good CC 10/31/2016 Very good service
#20744 good CC 10/30/2016 Very helpful and patient towards all requests l.
#21077 good KL 10/30/2016 Prompt reply.
#21035 good SS 10/29/2016 Service was prompt..Went out of the way to get a quote even though the rooms were fully booked
#20974 good RC 10/29/2016 great help indeed
#20624 good RC 10/28/2016 Prompt response.
#20965 good RC 10/27/2016 Prompt and attentive services
#20354 good CC 10/27/2016 Good and fast reply to my email
#20312 good KL 10/27/2016 Quite responsive
#20705 good ME 10/27/2016 This is the second time I booked for the batam trip. Very friendly and helpful staff, thanks Melanie for your fast response. Thumb up !
#20896 good SS 10/26/2016 great.
#20883 good SS 10/26/2016 was very helpful indeed
#20562 good KL 10/26/2016 Ms Ker Lee given the quotation and support promptly as per my request.
#20781 good KL 10/26/2016 I am pleased as my enquiry was promptly reverted. Regret due to my unavailability but will keep your esteem company as 1st choice on consideration of my travel. Once again, thank you. Rgds/Angela Hong
#20351 good SS 10/26/2016 Thanks Syafiq. You've been very quick and responsive to my messages.
#20905 good SS 10/25/2016 Huge Help indeed.
#20777 good SS 10/25/2016 Helpful
#20872 good SS 10/25/2016 very helpful and friendly staff u have !
#20044 good ME 10/25/2016 She is very efficient and the transaction is smooth. Even the whole team works very well with each other. Thank u.
#20404 good KL 10/25/2016 Ker Lee have been very helpful and responsive to my enquiry. Due to last minute changes in our travel plan we did not proceed with the trip but will approach her again for my next trip.
#20593 good RC 10/25/2016 Fast & reliable apps as well as good customer service. However your apps did not indicate the date/time booked – cos I can't find it. Just to counter check my booking. If there is – pardon me.
#20557 good ME 10/24/2016 The staff Ms Malanie is responsible for my request , well done !
#20400 good ME 10/24/2016 very good customer service, and give solution fast.
#19644 good SS 10/24/2016 I would like to commend Syafiq for his service – not only was he helpful with following up with our request, he provided good advice such as additional day F&E and optional tours, he was also very prompt in responding and liaising with the sri lanka counterpart. arranging this trip was a breeze and we're thoroughly looking forward to the trip.
#20405 good RC 10/23/2016 Good, I was pleased with the fast response and patience received. Price quoted was much higher then we went few months back so we decided to give it a miss.
#19772 good RC 10/23/2016 Rochelle was very responsive and efficient in applying for my Australian visa. I am very pleased with her services as she exhibited professionalism in her work. Thanks Rochelle
#20627 good RC 10/22/2016 Very good and fast. Helped me with making decisions
#20713 good ME 10/22/2016 I'm quite impressed with the speed I was given a reply. Except for the connection issue I think your live chat is effective and increase the confidence level of your customer. I'm very eager to book my stay at canopi, hope to get a final quote soon!
#20570 good KL 10/21/2016 Very professional service. Thumb up!
#20527 good KL 10/21/2016 Ker Lee respond fast through chat and email. This is my first time using lokopoko. Hope my trip is all good.Thanks for Ker lee to get the ferry timing I requested.
#20282 good RC 10/21/2016 Roshelle, served and answer my enquiry with patience as I seldom book online so I actually asked many question, I would said she is patience toward all question been asked and do know her job well. As a customer ,I believe that receiving great service is important it will make us to use the service again Thank you , could you check the following as I thought the hotel was changed as I was told I Hotel is fully booked. Eileen
#20282 good RC 10/21/2016 Roshelle, served and answer my enquiry with patience as I seldom book online so I actually asked many question, I would said she is patience toward all question been asked and do know her job well. As a customer ,I believe that receiving great service is important it will make us to use the service again Thank you , Eileen
#20455 good SS 10/21/2016 Very friendly,gave a very detailed and clear informations on the break down of the charges.
#19409 good SS 10/20/2016 Customer service Excellent ! Thank you for very good support and professional service. Kudos Syafiq!
#20428 good SS 10/20/2016 Fast and prompt reply. Good!
#20052 good RC 10/18/2016 Rochelle has been excellent. E-mails and then a phone call follow up. She has been very thorough in her work and made the booking very painless.
#19918 good RC 10/18/2016 Rochelle is very helpful with my bookings and requests, and her reply is very promptly, detailed and easy to understand. She makes the entire booking process streamlined and hassle-free as much as possible.
#19833 good RC 10/15/2016 Rochelle is very patient and helpful. She helps me with all my request and always responses on time. I will definitely recommend Lokopoko again to my friends.
#19971 good SS 10/12/2016 I must highlight that Syafiq is quick in replying and answered all my questions promptly. I am impressed !
#19036 good CC 10/10/2016 Quick respond & details provided is clear.
#19656 good ME 10/10/2016 Good customer service as merchant reply and resolve customer issue's fast.
#19718 good SS 10/08/2016 Efficient and helpful
#19114 good CC 10/07/2016 The service support is prompt and helpful.
#18417 good ME 10/07/2016 Melanie is very helpful and accommodative.
#17439 good KL 10/06/2016 Ker Lee is very responsive and fast with my enquiries. Thumb up to her!
#19479 good ME 10/06/2016 Fast & efficient
#19066 good SS 10/04/2016 Good support service, I will be back when I have next vacation plan.
#19198 good KL 10/03/2016 Ker Lee has been extremely quick in her response to our queries and was constantly assisting.
#18618 good KL 10/03/2016 Good service, give all the details what you asked for
#19476 good KL 10/01/2016 Excellent service
#18954 good CC 9/29/2016 Excellent support. thanks
#18836 good RC 9/27/2016 Very fast response and polite services!!!prompt attention to my requirement. Thank you
#18585 good CC 9/27/2016 Fast and detailed response. Recommended staff!
#18700 good RC 9/27/2016 The staff was really friendly, politely answering any questions I had. The emails were efficiently handled as well.
#18986 good JT 9/27/2016 Thumb up for prompt action & help.
#18927 good SS 9/23/2016 very good staff keep up the good job.
#18977 good JT 9/23/2016 Really satisfied of his professionalism
#18959 good SS 9/23/2016 Really satisfied !
#18981 good CC 9/22/2016 very nice
#18808 good JT 9/22/2016 Good and kind
#18824 good SS 9/21/2016 The service was good & fast. Keep it up.
#18769 good KL 9/20/2016 Very helpful and response is quick.
#18816 good SS 9/20/2016 awesome, really of great help. thanks.
#18539 good KL 9/20/2016 Ker Lee was most helpful and responded very promptly to all my queries.
#18419 good JT 9/19/2016 Pleased with the services. Always prompt with enquiries, calm and assuring both on the phone and emails. Like the way how other members (Ker Lee) in the team being pro active, who replied on behalf of Jervis.
#18248 good SS 9/18/2016 Goo service
#18722 good SS 9/17/2016 Syafiq was very courteous, well-mannered and assuring in answering our questions. Two thumbs up bro!
#18332 good RC 9/16/2016 Very helpful and nice chat. Thanks so much our company have not confirm yet waiting for my box.
#18327 good JT 9/16/2016 Answered all my queries patiently!
#18239 good RC 9/15/2016 I've received good responses from Rochelle and her colleague when she was off duty. Both were professional and friendly in their dealings with me. Will plan to use Lokopoko for future trips. Thank you.
#18563 good CC 9/14/2016 they always answer fast
#18058 good CC 9/13/2016 Thank you for the efficient and prompt response!
#18112 good ME 09/11/2016 I am extremely pleased with how Melanie assisted in getting the bookings and provided prompt information updated . Will definitely look to more booking through Lokopoko because of such friendly and efficient service
#17969 good CC 09/11/2016 Very prompt and efficient. Thank you.
#18358 good KL 09/10/2016 Nice staff..very satisfied of her customer service
#18130 good RC 09/09/2016 The service was very satisfying, the person who attended me was very friendly, looking forward to your service soon, thanks
#18178 good CC 09/09/2016 Satisfied, manage to help me on the enquiry n problem.
#17687 good RC 09/08/2016 Ms Rochelle is very efficient & fast response to our enquiries.
#17456 good RC 09/08/2016 Rochelle was very efficient throughout the process of booking & confirmation. Thanks a lot.
#16974 good JT 09/08/2016 Jervis has been top notched in giving great service. I highly recommend Lokopoko's service due to such excellent member they have on their team.
#17674 good ME 09/08/2016 Fast reply, very helpful staff
#18311 good SS 09/07/2016 prompt and helpful and informative
#17823 good ME 09/07/2016 Melanie was very quick and responding and patient with explaining the full deal. Everything was clear and concise and I'm extremely happy with her service. She's a keeper!
#18162 good KL 09/07/2016 Very prompt and helpful!
#17524 good ME 09/06/2016 Friendly
#17986 good KL 09/06/2016 Very nice staff..Very fast replying..highly recommend..good job..planning to book again soonest ☺️☺️☺️ thumbs up
#18008 good CC 09/05/2016 Good service and prompt reply
#18012 good ME 09/04/2016 Thank you Team Lokopoko for the help and support to assist my last minutes request. They are very professional is their job and quick response to my request. I make a request on Thursday night and our family can have the vacation on Saturday, this is within 48hrs.
#18003 good RC 09/03/2016 good
#17711 good ME 09/03/2016 Thank you very much for your good work
#17586 good JT 09/03/2016 The replies were prompt
#17777 good JT 09/03/2016 Good
#17446 good RC 09/01/2016 Prompt response and friendly staff
#17692 good ME 8/31/2016 Helpful and responsive
#17694 good CC 8/31/2016 Responsive
#17867 good ME 8/30/2016 very patient in answering all my questions. and she knows her products well
#17724 good RC 8/30/2016 The service rendered was amazing. She is always ready and try her very best to cater to customer's requests. She provided friendly and flexible service and also never hesitate to give alternative solutions.
#17270 good RC 8/30/2016 Great and helpful.
#17020 good KL 8/30/2016 Prompt reply from customer sevice.
#16966 good KL 8/27/2016 Ker Lee has been a very patience and provine a great service.. appreciate for her effort.
#17258 good ME 8/26/2016 Excellent service! Thank you!
#16905 good JT 8/25/2016 Good !
#17026 good KL 8/25/2016 Thank you for the thorough information and answering my questions
#16812 good SS 8/25/2016 I am very satisfied with the support service that Mr Syafig Senin had provided. He is very prompt in answering my queries and gave satisfactory answers. I am very grateful to him.
#16951 good JT 8/25/2016 Jarvis and his team are amazing. Thank you so much.
#17112 good RC 8/23/2016 She attended to every single question i asked and is very prompt in her reply
#17204 good RC 8/23/2016 Thank you for everything!!!!
#17311 good SS 8/22/2016 Very nice and friendly, able to answer all my question. Good service.
#17339 good SS 8/21/2016 Good customer service. The staff explained well and answer my enquiries with confidence and polite.
#16754 good SS 8/20/2016 The staff are very prompt in answering my inquiry, and offer options for the service they can give.
#17117 good CC 8/19/2016 Quick reply and can ask till i satisfied in chat. But one thing, i think that the operator reply for quotation is a little bit slow.
#16367 good KL 8/17/2016 Ms Chua is very proactive and helpful!
#16431 good KL 8/16/2016 Excellent customer Service from Ker Lee Chua. Yet to travel. Hoping the travel will be fruitful
#16213 good SS 8/14/2016 Very happy with the service of Mr Syafiq Sinin. He's gone an extra mile to assist the clients. On this round, I thought we would experience diificulties since initially there appears to be limited flights to Makassar. Syafiq has found a way that allow more of my students to go on the trip because we are able to take off on Friday
#16790 good JT 8/14/2016 Very clear answers to my enquiries.
#16808 good JT 8/14/2016 Very good. I got the answers to my queries short and sweet. Very clear and very convenient as I have the freedom to ask everything and get the answers all at the same time.
#16614 good KL 8/13/2016 Good and prompt service !
#16507 good JT 08/12/2016 Very satisfied with the service. Staffs are fast in answering query, and are accomodating
#16547 good RC 08/12/2016 Good n fast response
#16780 good SS 08/12/2016 Syafiq has helped me a lot in getting the information and providing me with quick, prompt replies. I am glad I would be able to settle for my trip within a short time! His replies are also straight to the point and are exactly what I am looking for! Thanks!!!
#16290 good ME 08/12/2016 Melanie, didn't just give me the quotes but she patiently follow thru with emails despite me telling her that we have booked with another agent. Well done Melanie!
#16308 good RC 08/11/2016 Really Good & quick response & support fromMs.Rochelle. Thanks
#16793 good SS 08/11/2016 Thank you!
#16466 good RC 08/11/2016 good. Rochelle was prompt in replying queries to tours in cambodia. Thank you.
#16750 good SS 08/10/2016 Hi Rochelle, the sgd 2 dollar tipping still apply to group private tour?
#16656 good JT 08/10/2016 Jervis was so helpful to me and prompt in providing assistance. I really thank him for his help. Keep up the good services you have been providing. Best Regards
#15741 good KL 08/08/2016 Great Job Ker Lee! Keep up the good customer service 🙂
#16527 good SS 08/07/2016 I'm very grateful to Mr Syafig Sinin for the assistance provided. His information make my deciding the choice of the place to visit. I haven't inform him of my choice, but I will in due time. Thank you Syafig!
#16343 good JT 08/05/2016 It was prompt and he answered my questions that I have posted to him.
#16309 good SS 08/05/2016 Syafiq hv been very helpful n very fast response..i like that… Even its quite a last min arrangement..tq.
#16464 good SS 08/04/2016 very helpful, friendly and accommodating staff!!
#16341 good RC 08/03/2016 fare enough
#16405 good SS 08/02/2016 Very assuring & detailed in his explanation. Even remembered me as a returning customer, kudos Syafiq!
#16334 good SS 08/01/2016 Syafig has been extremely helpful and paitient. It certainly left a good impression of the Company. Cheers
#15922 good RC 08/01/2016 Ms Rochelle is very kind and helpful. She is very patient for every question that I asked, and also sort out the troubles due to The plan travel date is a bit rush. I would recommended Lokopoko to my friends.
#15818 good KL 7/29/2016 Ker Lee is very helpful during my booking. She explained very well.. I honestly asked different agency but it is not straight forward. I found Lokopoko very straight forward. Will quote the nett amount. Others, will charge cheap but add this add that. so complicated and difficult to understand. I hope we enjoy this trip and will absolutely book again
#15955 good SS 7/29/2016 Syafiq was prompt in his responses.
#15986 good KL 7/29/2016 Timely and personal service.
#16169 good JT 7/28/2016 good went the extra mile for me
#15925 good RC 7/27/2016 Very prompt in reply. Smooth and fast. Love it! Thank you!
#15692 good ME 7/27/2016 Melanie- She is amazing and very helpful… she is damn good : realy like her
#15532 good ME 7/27/2016 good service
#15871 good ME 7/26/2016 Thank you for the prompt reply and Melanie hv been patient and attended to my needs. We'll consider Lokopoko again when time for us to make travel plans. Good job I like
#15903 good ME 7/25/2016 customer service is very helpful…I feel welcome to the chat..thank you!!
#15243 good SS 7/22/2016 Syafiq was very patient, prompt in replying emails and detailed in all information given.
#15797 good SS 7/22/2016 prompt and sincere in replies
#14117 good KL 7/20/2016 ker lee chua is very accomodating, and she really help alot. there are some fhat we trued to spoke too aswell but not as nice and approachable like her. She so helpful and willing to find good and reasonable price is your on a budget. over all iwe are satisfied. Good Job!
#15661 good SS 7/19/2016 prompt and good advice/info
#15492 good SS 7/19/2016 Prompt service thanks for the deal. Hopefully no complications once we arrive to the hotel!
#15599 good SS 7/18/2016 good
#14918 good RC 7/17/2016 Call us to confirm the ferry and activities even we didn't reply our confirmation. Good
#15071 good JT 7/16/2016 I would suggest to improve your system where in customer could sign up on it and can easily track what are the status of there booking without you guys directly reaching the customer except for such urgent concerns.
#15299 good RC 7/13/2016 Polite and helpful. Able to communicate well. Thank you!
#14865 good RC 07/12/2016 It was easy to deal with Rochelle. She answered all my concerns promptly n efficiently. I would use Lokopoko for my future trips.
#14306 good KL 07/10/2016 ker lee was patience and very helpful, despite of mutilpe changes to my request, she is very very helpful. it is a blessing lokopoko has a staff like her. 10×like
#14632 good BK 07/08/2016 Bernice has been very pro-active and prompt when attending to my request. I really want to make things work out but my company needs more time to finalize things. Hope we can push something through in the next few weeks!
#12772 good KL 07/08/2016 Excellent service. Staff with special mention of Ms Chua ker lee pays attention to customers needs and strive to serve diligently. Well done to staff of lokopoko!
#14437 good KL 07/05/2016 She is very nice and accommodating. No judgement and doesn't force me to commit on anything.
#14568 good JT 07/02/2016 Very prompt in replying to my queries. Staff is very helpful and I am glad for the good service rendered. I like to thabk the staff for their patience in replying to my various emails.
#14687 good JT 07/01/2016 Good service by Syafiq
#14326 good JT 6/30/2016 yes, i'm satisfied. Mr Tan Jervis always gave a fast reply, and arranged everything quite good for me. thanks again. hope we will have a good trip to bintan soon.
#14510 good SS 6/29/2016 Syafig is helpful and provided info clearly.
#14105 good RC 6/28/2016 Good response and patiently attending to my request.
#14540 good KL 6/28/2016 She was nice and patient!
#14408 good ME 6/27/2016 The staff is friendly, responsive and positive. Very good service. Thanks alot :))))
#14267 good KL 6/23/2016 Answer precise and direct to the point. Great customer service
#13303 good JT 6/23/2016 The response is prompt and comprehensive. Overall the service rendered is very good !
#14182 good JT 6/21/2016 The service is good & the person is freindly
#10277 good ME 6/21/2016 service was Good! Thanks
#13232 good KL 6/15/2016 Very helpful and responsive. Hope to be having her as my agent for my next trip.
#13681 good SS 6/15/2016 Very fast and helpful customer service… keep it up!!!
#13672 good KL 6/14/2016 Thanks for the excellent service !
#13781 good RC 6/14/2016 Lovely chat! Initial interruption due to possible internet connectivity issues.
#12745 good RC 6/13/2016 Friendly staff. All enquires taken care of. Thank you.
#12953 good ME 06/10/2016 I am quite satisfied with the services i've because responses are quick and on time.
#13550 good SS 06/09/2016 Great Super kind. Thank you
#13285 good JT 06/07/2016 Jervis Tan is a excellent infos provider .. Could do with a little bit more of haste of answering . Great job !
#13293 good SS 06/06/2016 prompt
#12541 good KL 06/06/2016 Good seevie
#12948 good KL 06/04/2016 The agent was very patient and attended to my is a pity that i cant go for this trip as all superios rooms were fully booked.she offered Deluxe premier room and i wanted to take it up but the ferry timing on 10th june was 5pm too late.i wanted 3 D2N.So i hope that I can book next time and go on the trip in future
#13009 good SS 06/04/2016 Your staff is very helpful is answering my question . I am very pleased with their good service.
#12552 good JT 06/02/2016 Jervis is very accomodating and friendly. There is mistake in booking the timing for the departure as we already leave a remark we wanted to get the 18.20 p.m 10 june departure, but it all worked well and we ended up taking the earlier departure time at 9.15 a.m. for 10 june friday, which is BETTER 😀 Will definitely use lokopoko service again. Thank you Jervis!
#12278 good KL 06/01/2016 Very efficient n satistying support..keep it up!!
#12654 good KL 5/30/2016 Excellent service. Im super satisfied with all the support! Good job!
#12538 good KL 5/28/2016 very helpful!
#12504 good KL 5/28/2016 Ms Chua was helpful and was patient despite numerous changes we made in our itenary
#12574 good RC 5/28/2016 Response of various staffs are fast and efficient.. great job and assitance..
#12490 good JT 5/26/2016 Prompt reply.
#12136 good RC 5/26/2016 Thank you for the prompt reply. We'll seriously consider your company when it's time for us to make travel plans.
#12125 good KL 5/25/2016 Very helpful and efficient service staff!
#12423 good RC 5/25/2016 I have received very good support from the lokopoko team. I have called the office at first to ask about the booking and Rochelle guided me step-by-step on how to book it online. Thank you so much!
#11817 good RC 5/24/2016 Hi, the service is good as she responsed to my enquiry the next day, thanks
#12286 good JT 5/24/2016 Jervis was very helpful and polite. I am still waiting for his reply for our booking hopefully it will be soon so we can proceed to the payment. Thanks a lot Mr. Jervis.
#11424 good RC 5/18/2016 Good n satisfied for batam. Although I still waiting for my massage. But my bintan quotation has been waited for 3days which is very U satisfied!
#11824 good SS 5/18/2016 Good service. Promptly attend to request and enquiries.
#11986 good SS 5/18/2016 It was really good. Syafiq was really helpful and patiently answered all my questions… U have earned a loyal costumer…. 
#11545 good RC 5/18/2016 Fast efficient good job
#11321 good ME 5/18/2016 thanks ms. melanie
#11876 good KL 5/17/2016 No comment
#10757 good ME 5/17/2016 Thank you Melanie ESPIRITU for everything.
#11814 good KL 5/17/2016 Service is fast and efficient. Thank you 🙂
#11635 good RC 5/14/2016 Rochelle has been really helpful and efficient in assisting to put up with all our requests. She made the whole transaction seem really smooth. 2 thumbs up!
#11707 good JT 5/14/2016 I like the livechat feature and im impressed with the management of information amongst serivce officers. Keep it up!
#10366 good KL 05/09/2016 Ms. Ker Lee has been great. Very efficient and very professional in providing her service. Will engage the services of Lokopko again for our future holiday outing. Best Regards Tan Kee Huat
#11172 good JT 05/09/2016 response time to requests very prompt.
#11102 good RC 05/06/2016 The staff is helpful and prompt in her service. She is also friendly. This our third booking with Lokopoko. Will book again if our tour in Batam is good.
#9121 good KL 05/06/2016 Ker Lee is very helpful and prompt in her response! Thanks for the good service! Hope my stay in Bintan will be as good too 🙂
#10806 good JT 05/05/2016 Friendly and prompt respond from Lokopoko staff. Thank you Ker Lee, Syafiq, Melanie and Jervis.
#10609 good ME 05/04/2016 Thank you Melanie!
#10763 good JT 05/04/2016 Prompt service. Thank you very much.
#10201 good RC 4/30/2016 prompt response !
#10553 good RC 4/30/2016 Rochelle replied my queries very fast.
#10473 good ME 4/30/2016 Prompt actions and responses from Ms Rochelle.
#10232 good JT 4/29/2016 Prompt
#10205 good JT 4/29/2016 Fast response and reliable
#9590 good RC 4/29/2016 Very responsive.
#10706 good JT 4/29/2016 good and prompt
#10557 good KL 4/27/2016 Ker Lee had been most helpful and patient in helping me with my various quires
#9600 good RC 4/27/2016 although it took a few days delay to receive my ticket and hotel voucher, the service was good.
#10135 good RC 4/26/2016 No comments.
#9934 good RC 4/26/2016 Instructions given via email are precised and voucher was sent promptly.
#9400 good ME 4/25/2016 She always reply immediately and didn't make me wait for longer time. She also try her best to meet my request. Because of Melanie 's help, I can have a nice vacation on coming Saturday. Thanks, Melanie.
#9999 good JT 4/24/2016 Acceptable, straight to the point.
#9868 good JT 4/24/2016 My contact was Jervis Tan, who was very prompt and very helpful . My sister have booked our holiday through Jervis. Thank you for your asistance Jervis ,looking forward to the trip . Cheers.
#9966 good RC 4/20/2016 Very patient and helpful staff, good job!:)
#9888 good KL 4/20/2016 Ker Lee was very friendly and helpful, I appreciated her assistance.
#9260 good SS 4/19/2016 Professional and fast response. good experience. Thanks, Syafiq.
#9128 good SS 4/18/2016 The travel guardian, Syafiq SININ, was so accommodating and replies promptly to my questions on the process of my booking. Keep up the good work!
#8955 good SS 4/18/2016 Very happy and satisfied with the service
#9708 good SS 4/18/2016 I am always delighted with your prompt reply on my enquiry on any of the tour packages rendered by Lokopoko Travels.
#9711 good KL 4/15/2016 very nice and helpful…thumb up 🙂
#8653 good RC 4/14/2016 Prompt response. Very accomodating. Very good service
#9385 good SS 4/13/2016 Prompt information given as required.
#9558 good SS 4/13/2016 Ans all my question well.
#9366 good ME 04/11/2016 Very friendly operator and explains details well
#8836 good ME 04/10/2016 Fast and efficient. Good on follow up.
#9176 good SS 04/09/2016 very thanks for your assistants
#8967 good SS 04/08/2016 I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and efficiency at handling my booking by Syafiq. Good job!
#8869 good RC 04/08/2016 Very pleased with Rochelle's prompt response to my query as she sent me an email the same day as promised over the phone with all the details I needed. Thank you.
#8913 good RC 04/07/2016 very fast and proactive.. Thanks Candelaria
#8991 good SS 04/07/2016 Good Response / Suggestion
#8915 good JT 04/07/2016 it is to long to get answer, because pax want quict, how we can comunocation strect way, pls adv. many, thanks.
#8852 good JT 04/06/2016 Mr.Jervis TAN handles everything professionally and am pleases with all the answers.
#8088 good SS 04/05/2016 satisfied
#8088 good SS 04/05/2016 saisfied
#7965 good KL 04/04/2016 Ker Lee is a very patient, customer oriented and friendly staff who replies my emails promptly. Thank you for the good service
#8729 good JT 04/03/2016 Service is good and I like it.
#8770 good SS 04/02/2016 Shafiq is very professional with my enquirers! Well done
#8111 good RC 04/02/2016 Good
#8563 good JT 04/01/2016 The whole process of booking the tickets was straight-forward, and the customer service was excellent. Jervis TAN (the customer service advisor) was very helpful and replied to my queries promptly.
#8714 good JT 04/01/2016 Excellent customer service with lightning fast replies! Really appreciate your help Jervis!
#8356 good RC 04/01/2016 She was amazing! Smooth transaction. Will come back again.
#8287 good RC 3/31/2016 They provided prompt replies & detailed info. Which is very good and effective.
#7879 good KL 3/31/2016 Very satisfied with the level of service, Ker Lee is very professional throughout our engagement and is very prompt with her replies to queries.
#8417 good JT 3/30/2016 Jervis was responsive and attentive to my request. His excellent follow-ups deserve a mention. Definitely a staff to keep.
#8443 good KL 3/29/2016 Very good
#8329 good SS 3/29/2016 The staff is informative and helpful. Good job
#8424 good SS 3/29/2016 Syafiq is good in giving opinions and ans to all my questions
#8141 good SS 3/29/2016 Efficient service
#8268 good RC 3/28/2016 Good Support, I am appreciated.
#6195 good ME 3/25/2016 Thanks for good service 🙂
#7667 good JT 3/25/2016 Well organize and promt response
#7716 good RC 3/24/2016 Good. I am satisfied . Thanks
#8052 good BK 3/24/2016 Anticipate our expectation, top at its own class, recommended!
#6970 good RC 3/23/2016 prompt response
#8042 good SS 3/22/2016 The Officer that assisted me was really helpful, friendly and informative. Customer oriented officer with great personality. (Y)
#8018 good JT 3/22/2016 tks
#7704 good JT 3/22/2016 If urgent call instead of waiting for prompt response to email. Especially with reservations on budget carrier, price varies by a minute difference
#7839 good KL 3/21/2016 Fast response
#7742 good RC 3/20/2016 Fast response
#7787 good KL 3/20/2016 Friendly assistance, prompt reply, el fantastico! Mucho gracias~
#7227 good JT 3/20/2016 Respond was fast, info clear,
#7313 good JT 3/19/2016 Jarvis is realky helpfull and responsive
#7793 good JT 3/18/2016 friendly, good service.
#7618 good JT 3/18/2016 Very good agent, will come back again!
#7093 good RC 3/18/2016 Very prompt reply on my questions. Good job to Rochelle(:
#7155 good RC 3/18/2016 Groupon are a pain but you guys were very helpful!
#7710 good SS 3/17/2016 Very Helpful!!
#6906 good RC 3/17/2016 I am so happy with all the effort and help i got from your staff/s. They r so attentive with all my queries .Thanks a lot
#7557 good ME 3/17/2016 The staff response is super fast and very helpful. I will definitely choose your agency for my next trip!
#7572 good RC 3/16/2016 Chat experience did not fully address my query. Had to make phone call for clearer information. I find Lokopoko staff wanting to help, but lack training. Email received confirming orders had errors. I appreciate the desire to support, but service has not given me full confidence
#7566 good SS 3/16/2016 I'm happy to receive fast feedback from Mr. Syafiq
#7542 good SS 3/16/2016 Very prompt and efficient respond ! Excellent !
#7530 good SS 3/15/2016 Good
#7490 good KL 3/14/2016 Ker Lee is great help! Thanks for your patience 🙂
#6591 good SS 3/13/2016 The response for enquiries was very prompt and the staff who attended To me (Syafiq) was very helpful.
#7105 good KL 3/13/2016 Patient,friendly and extremely helpful. Answered all my enquiries and gave suggestions. Made my first experience with lokopoko a smooth and enjoyable one. Thumbs up!
#6344 good ME 03/11/2016 even though this did not result in succesful booking (had book elsewhere) the help received was personal and considerate.
#7187 good JT 03/11/2016 Positive
#7176 good JT 03/11/2016 Attentive and responsive
#7166 good JT 03/11/2016 Fast and efficient
#7257 good JT 03/11/2016 Excellent
#6676 good RC 03/11/2016 Excellent service and I am impressed by all the fast assistance I received from each individual lokopoko agent, especially from Rochelle! Will definitely look forward in booking with Lokopoko on my next travel plan. Thanks a million!
#7114 good RC 03/10/2016 The deals are much costly than shown
#6737 good KL 03/10/2016 Thank you for quick response and explanation.
#7143 good KL 03/09/2016 ok
#6457 good RC 03/09/2016 Great to be able to do this all online and ask questions via the webchat
#6518 good ME 03/08/2016 Received response promptly
#6667 good KL 03/08/2016 Just okey
#6937 good SS 03/07/2016 Prompt response.. thank you so much
#6595 good KL 03/05/2016 Good service
#2681 good KL 03/05/2016 Excellent
#6690 good RC 03/05/2016 staff is accomodating
#6489 good KL 03/04/2016 Prompt responses and helpful
#6417 good RC 03/04/2016 Rochelle is very helpful and prompt in responding my questions.
#6823 good JT 03/04/2016 The Customer Service Support is nice and action promptly. 🙂
#6700 good KL 03/04/2016 Excellent !
#6563 good KL 03/02/2016 Ker Lee was very helpful with whatever questions I posted to her.
#6697 good ME 03/02/2016 Both the operators were good. Thank you
#6430 good KL 03/02/2016 very responsive, instruction are very clear. necessary details are provided.
#6621 good SS 03/01/2016 Very fast response. Thanks.
#6611 good SS 03/01/2016 Wonderful Service by Syafiq. He was fast and detailed in replying to my requests and queries. Keep it up!
#6575 good KL 2/29/2016 Efficient Service.
#5394 good KL 2/28/2016 fast in response to emails
#6519 good KL 2/28/2016 Ker Lee was very prompt in responding to my query
#6527 good KL 2/27/2016 Extremely helpful customer service representative! Went the extra mile to contact the operator of the hotel/resort to double check if there were available rooms! Thanks Ker Lee
#6483 good JT 2/26/2016 Very helpful and friendly
#6476 good RC 2/26/2016 good and prompt, will look for her for discounts for future travel
#5967 good KL 2/26/2016 Satisfied with the service, very helpful staff!
#6253 good RC 2/25/2016 I like how all our emails are replied as soon as they were sent out. All our queries were met and follow ups were done promptly.
#6439 good SS 2/25/2016 extremely helpful and courteous!
#2987 good KL 2/25/2016 Ker Lee's response is very fast. Great support!
#6112 good KL 2/24/2016 She emailed and updated me about the confirmation booking promptly. Very good and efficient! Thumbs up to Ms Ker Lee and team!!! 🙂
#6176 good JT 2/24/2016 Thank you so much for your help Jervis. 🙂
#6382 good ME 2/24/2016 excellent…..
#6379 good ME 2/24/2016 excellent…..
#6315 good SS 2/24/2016 When I enquired through online chat box, they explained to me completely what I want. Thanks a lot.
#6367 good KL 2/24/2016 Ker Lee was extremely helpful and she went all out to help me with the information i needed, thanks! 🙂
#5873 good SS 2/24/2016 This was an excellent trip well managed by Lokopoko and partners. We were looked after at every stage and are delighted.
#6227 good RC 2/24/2016 Good service and helpfull but the price is too high .
#6098 good ME 2/23/2016 I am happy with the speedy of your services especially in replying my quires.
#6230 good RC 2/21/2016 Received the confirmation on the same day. Thanks.
#5916 good RC 2/20/2016 Good, I'm satisfied. Fast booking and very prompt in replying my emails.
#5670 good RC 2/18/2016 I'm satisfied to the effort exerted regarding to my inquiry… Looking forward to deal with you again!
#5959 good KL 2/15/2016 A prompt and efficient service received. Thank you Ms Chua Ker Lee
#5990 good RC 2/13/2016 good services that I will remain the information for future approach & recommendation to others. thank you.
#5968 good RC 02/12/2016 Very satisfied. I have an enjoyable trip and Rochelle is very kind and patience in handling my inquiries. I will definitely choose Lokopoko for my travel deals. Thank you
#5663 good KL 02/05/2016 Fast reply and easy to deal with :))
#5273 good KL 02/04/2016 very qulck, attentive and responsive
#5274 good RC 1/30/2016 only thing I think could be better is that fully payment is very draggy to confirm booking
#5271 good RC 1/29/2016 Satisfied. Rochelle is friendly and super helpful and patience with me. I am happy. Thank you.
#5479 good SS 1/29/2016 I admire Shafiq assistance. He is so obliged to help without hesistant even when he is off he cld get his colleagues to assist. Keep up the good customer service.
#5468 good RC 1/28/2016 Wow! Very good services and very courteous. I'm so touched by their actions & very good explanation of the trip (especially Ms. Rochelle Candelaria, I give her credit for her explanation & services). I will recommend customers to you now n in future. Keep it up. Thanks for all your kind services & help of direction going to your shop. God bless all of you. Bye✌️
#5346 good SS 1/28/2016 It was a prompt reply and very helpful. Thumbs up.
#4888 good RC 1/25/2016 It can solve my problem but may be the time of reply is too long. I need to wait for a answer for one day. But she is helpful and nice.
#4691 good JT 1/24/2016 The whole trip was very enjoyable thanks to Lokopoko. The support i received was very prompt and instructions were very clear. I would definitely come to Lokopoko again for another trip!
#5267 good SS 1/23/2016 Good
#5032 good KL 1/22/2016 Always ready to assist.
#5094 good KL 1/22/2016 Good service, fast response too. Well done!
#4870 good KL 1/22/2016 Unfortunately decide not to go on this trip but was grateful that Ker Lee was prompt to reply to my enquiry.
#4985 good RC 1/21/2016 Thank you Rochelle for all your help.
#5190 good KL 1/21/2016 very good and helpful
#4806 good JT 1/21/2016 Jervis Tan was very helpful and clearly communicated the procedure to follow to enjoy our stay at Bintan Agro Resort.
#4856 good JT 1/19/2016 Great service, I am satisfied…
#4941 good KL 1/17/2016 I make an enquiry for my next holiday trip and i recieved fast reply n update. After pre-booking i has to amend. Miss Chua makes the change real fast and everything done in understanding. Thanks to Miss Chua and much appreciated. I hope our trip would be a good rememberance one. Thanks alot.
#4638 good KL 1/15/2016 Good
#4746 good SS 1/15/2016 Received good and professional service from Mr shafiq. Thank you
#4830 good SS 1/15/2016 I received much information from Lokopoko and help me to make my itinerary easier. thanks.
#4950 good JT 1/15/2016 So far so good. Hope the planned trip will be an enjoyable one and meet our expectations.
#4656 good JT 01/12/2016 Efficient in respond of enquiries
#4538 good RC 01/10/2016 Efficient and prompt reply! Thank you!!!
#4488 good RC 01/09/2016 Rochelle was very helpful in answering my queries, and prompt in providing service and confirmation. Great service!
#4582 good RC 01/08/2016 Rochelle has been very responsive to my enquiries. Thank yuo for making the booking a swift and smooth one.
#4709 good SS 01/08/2016 Mr Sinin was patient and very helpful. Thank you.
#4466 good KL 01/07/2016 NA
#4337 good JT 01/04/2016 Very kind. And reply on time. Good service.
#4346 good JT 01/04/2016 Smooth reply from you guys and fast confirmation. Thank you!
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