Singapore Attraction Ticket: Jurong Bird Park + Zoo

• Operates: Daily
• Includes: 1-Day Admission Tickets (1 visit per park) + Tram Rides in each Park (Jurong Bird Park & Singapore Zoo)
• Original Price: Adult: S$70 per person, Child: S$45 per person

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Singapore Attractions


Jurong Bird Park

Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is a world-famous bird sanctuary. The Park has successfully mimicked the these fauna’s natural habitats. Being the largest bird park in Asia with more than 5000 birds and 400 species, it has an area of 20 hectares. Some of its popular exhibits & activities include:

  • Waterfall Aviary – Largest walk-in aviary with over 600 birds flying freely, 100 plant species and 30-metre waterfall
  • Lory Loft – World’s largest 9-storey high lorry flight aviary.
  • Jungle Jewels – Explore the South American tropical rainforest and its unique dwellers
  • Penguin Coast – See the various penguins in their cold habitats
  • Flamingo Lake – Hundreds of Flamingos huddling together will give you the most scenic sights in the Park
  • Pelican Cave – World’s most comprehensive collection of Pelican species
  • High Flyers Show – To see the feathered performers in action

Of course, a visit to the park would not be complete without the signature relaxing guided tram ride.

Singapore Zoo

Another world-renowned attraction, the Singapore Zoo has been in operation since 1973. Although it has been around for more than 40 years, the maintenance of the park is near perfection. Nowhere in the park you would find a sign of old-ness or dilapidation. Every plant, stone, footpath, enclosure, exhibit & landscape in this 26-hectare park is so well-thought of that you would feel extremely comfortable exploring it.

There are close to 3000 animals from 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. You can choose to have a first glance of the park on-board the guided trams followed by particular visits to your preferred exhibit at your own pace. The diverse habitats include the Wild Africa with its lions, zebras & rhinos; Great Rift Valley Ethiopia with its baboons; Australian Zone & Fragile Forest. The Zoo’s amazing performances such as Elephants at Work, Animal Friends & Rainforest Fights Back must not be missed.

Besides being an obvious entertainment park, the Zoo offers a very good learning environment where visitors can learn much more about each of the animals with its interactive and informative displays. Last but not least, it is part of the country’s larger goal of wildlife conservation and preservation of biodiversity.

You can miss anything else in Singapore but not the great Singapore Zoo!


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