SIEM REAP: Cultural Village

Minimum: 2 Persons. Start Time: 13:00. Duration: 4 hours. 
Meal: NA.  Departure: Daily  Type: Shared/Join tour. 
Pick-up point: Hotel in city centre. Language: English. 

Includes: Hotel pick-up & drop-off, guide, transportation, Entrance Fee, Parking


Visit to Cambodian Cultural Village, Wax Museum: Your tour begins with the two museums that exhibit the well-known persons of Cambodia since the century until the present. Miniatures: Gather all the miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures, former capital Ou Dong, Royal palace, National Museum, Wat Phnom, Phsar Thmey, 12th century Kompong Kdey Bridge, 16th century reclining Buddha, Independent Monument and more… Carving: Carvers who work in Cambodian Cultural village have skills on carving stone, wood and carving silver. Traditional Dances Show: Cambodia has a long and rich tradition of classical dance, also known as Apsara dancing. Though some of the dances are shared with other cultures in the region, the slow graceful style of Cambodian dance is unique. Villages: There are many types of houses in Khmer village such as House Peth, House Kantaing, House Raungdoeung, Sala Chan as a small pagoda… etc.


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