KOTA KINABALU: Sandakan Wildlife Sanctuaries

Minimum: 2 Persons. Start Time: 05:15. 
Duration: 15 hours. Pick-up point: Hotel in city centre.
Language: English. Type: Shared/Join tour. 
Meal: Lunch. Departure: Daily

Includes: Hotel pick-up & drop-off, guide, transportation, Entrance Fees, Parking, lunch
Note: Flight Applicable for Kota Kinabalu/Sandakan/Kota Kinabalu
          – Malaysia Airlines (Current and subject to change)
            * BKI/SDK MH 2042 ETD 0700 / ETA 0740 hrs
            * SDK/BKI MH 3094 ETD 1900 / ETA 1950 hrs


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The Borneo Rainforest houses two very unique animals that are endemic to the area, namely the Orang Utans and the Proboscis monkeys. Visit the world’s oldest Orang Utan Rehabilitation Sanctuary at Sepilok to learn more about this ape which shares 96.4% of the human genetic makeup. Then, proceed to Labuk Bay Sanctuary to meet the long nose Proboscis monkeys. As sources of their food dwindle due to diminishing habitats, the sanctuary has made efforts to supplement the monkey’s diet with vegetables. Other wildlife such as the colorful hornbills and silverleaf monkeys can be seen occasionally. After lunch, visit the Australian War Memorial Park which is located at the original WWII camp site and the starting point of the Sandakan “Death March” – the greatest atrocity ever committed in Australian history.


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