KOTA KINABALU: Borneo Traditional Living

Minimum: 2 Persons. Start Time: 09:15. Duration: 5 hours. 
Meal: Lunch.  Departure: Daily  Type: Shared/Join tour. 
Pick-up point: Hotel in city centre. Language: English. 

Includes: Hotel pick-up & drop-off, guide, transportation, Entrance Fee, Parking, lunch

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Capture the cultural diversity of Borneo’s ethnic groups and their simple way of traditional living. Each tribe have found ways to adapt to living in Borneo such as cooking using bamboo and starting a fire without matches. Discover the architectural uniqueness of each tribal house as you walk through the cultural village while enjoying the serene jungle environment. Complete your Borneo experience with a live presentation of dance and savor traditional cuisine unique to Sabah.


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