[Jogja Land Tour] 3 Days Borobudur & Prambanan Temples Tour


• Deluxe air conditioned Private Car, English speaking guide, Entrance Ticket
• Lunch 2x  , Dinner 1x  at Local restaurants 
• 2 Way airport transfer with Airport handling

*Operates daily


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WELCOME TO JOGJA. You will be met & greeted by our guide at Jogja Airport, direct to lunch at local restaurant. Next, visit Prambanan Hindu Temple which is called “Roro Jonggrang Temple”. Prambanan is reputed to be the biggest and the finest Hindu temples in Indonesia. Check – in at the hotel Jogja. The rest is free program.

After breakfast, visit the “Kraton”, the magnificent palace of the Sultan. We continue the tour to Taman Sari water castle, then onward to visit a traditional batik home industry. Next, visit Kotagede to see a hundred-year old tradition still being practiced by silver craftsmen. Lunch at local restaurant, there after proceed to the largest Buddhist Temple: Borobudur Temple. Next, visit the Mendut & Pawon Temples, shopping at Beringharjo  traditional market & along the way to Malioboro street. These two connected shopping areas offer merchandises, batik, traditional snacks, Javanese herbs, rattan ornaments and handicrafts. Lastly, dinner after a whole day tour.

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Jogja airport.


Yogyakarta: The Heart of Java

Yogyakarta, also called Jogjakarta or Jogja, is the heart of Javanese culture and heritage in Indonesia. It was once the capital of the Javanese Mataram Kingdom, and much still remains of the spirit of the old city. Several temples of the older civilizations actually still stand to this day, and serve not just as wonders to be explored, but also as reminders of the rich history, religion and culture of the area. In Yogyakarta, you find a blend of old and traditional, and modern trying to come together without losing the spirit of the Javanese.  

There are several places to see cultural performances such as traditional Javanese dance, or Javanese puppet shows. These are often an opportunity to learn more about the history and spiritual beliefs of the people.

If you ever end up in Yogyakarta or decide to go there, then make sure you absolutely do not miss out on some of these amazing cultural attractions:

Prambanan Temple

This Hindu temple was built in the 10th century and said to be the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world as it main temple towers 47 meters tall in the center of two slightly smaller main temples. The architecture is incredibly intricate and complex, and really evidences many of the beliefs of the Hindus.

Borobudur Temple

Unlike the Prambanan Temple, this 9th century temple is Buddhist and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the world’s Buddhist temple in the world. There are many magnificently intricately designed carvings and sculptures, to tell stories and beliefs of the people. Borobudur is Indonesia’s most visited tourist attraction.

Ramayana Ballet

Although it is called a “ballet,” it is far from being a ballet in the way we know it today. The Ramayana Ballet is a performance that conveys the story of the Ramayana, which is a traditional epic in Hinduism and is actually engraved in the Prambanan Temple. The spectacular performance features several types of Javanese arts, including dance, music and drama.

After visiting these places, you could try other temples and cultural events, or simply even wander the streets to find some delicious authentic Javanese cuisine.


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