BALI: Afternoon Clift Temple & Dance Performance (3-5 pax)

Minimum: 3 – 6 Persons. Start Time: 08:00 Duration: 12 hours.  Meal: 1 Lunch
Pick-up point: Hotel in city centre. Language: English. Type: Private tour. 


Includes: English-speaking guide, bottled mineral water & tour.
Tour: Uluwatu, Kecak Dance, Fite & Trance Dance, Temple : Uluwatu temple

Day Tour : Uluwatu – Uluwatu temple – Dance Performance
Uluwatu, is a large limestone peninsula located in Pecatu Village at southern coast of Bali, the site of the ancient holy temple right on the cliff bank with magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. It is situated on the coral reef sordid to sea about 80 meters above the sea level and amazing built on the narrow peninsula with deep rocky beach under it. Name of Uluwatu was come from the word ULU meaning the head and WATU meaning stone. Therefore Uluwatu Temple mean the temple built in tip of coral reef. There are group of monkeys live around the temple that keep and protect the temple from the bad influence based on the local resident's believes. Uluwatu Temple owns the history and culture heritage that is one of the value and feature that many visitors visit it. This place is worth to visit in the late afternoon, to enjoy the picturesque sunset. Your early evening at Uluwatu Temple be continued with a captivating and unique performance of the Kecak, Fire and Trance Dance, held daily between 6PM and 7PM. The Kecak and Monkey dance was invented in the 1930s, it’s tells you a story from the Ramayana epic (an epic folk tale that is very common in the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia), but without the usual gambelan orchestral accompaniment. Instead there is a 50 strong male 'choir' who chant, shout, sway and move about – it's very eerie and mesmerizing.
* Buffet Lunch served at restaurant in Jimbaran Bay


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