8D7N Taiwan Experience (Private)

Daily Departure
Inclusions: Return airport transfers with shared coach, Tour, Meals, as per itinerary, 7 nights stay @ selected hotel (Twin Share) with daily breakfast, Local Mandarin speaking guide.
Day 1: Departure – Taoyuan International Airport (No Meal)
Hotel: 3* Taipei Paradise Hotel or similar
Upon arrival Taoyuan International Airport, transfer to hotel check in & free and leisure.
Day 2: C.K.S Memorial Hall / Biscuits Shop / Leofoo Village Theme Park-incl. TKT (Stop over 2.5H) / Miaoli Hakka Earthen Round / Enjoy Hot Spring (B/D)
Hotel: Peikong Creek Resort or similar
【C.K.S Memorial Hall】The most magnificent monuments in Taipei, it commemorate the passing of President Chiang Kai-shek. 【Leofoo Village Theme Park】In the theme park are the Arabian Palace, American Western Streets, South Pacific Ocean and Wild Life Kingdom,where tourists can have a good time. Besides scheduled performances,there are also amusement facilities and food and drink services. People can experience thrilling and also exciting entertainments here. It is full of laughers.【Miaoli Hakka Earthen Round】Miaoli Hakka Round House Fujian Hakka Tulou buildings into modern-style design, with a deep and modern; its rustic decor have Hakka traditional flavor.
Day 3: Sun Moon Lake / Wen Wu Temple / Peacock Garden / Aboriginal Products shop / Cingjing farm / Evergreen Grassland-Sheep Castle-incl. TKT (B/L/D)
Hotel: Qing Jing Tianxing Du Jia Homestay or similar
【Sun Moon Lake】Is the only nature big lake in Taiwan. The southernpart of Lalu Island shaped like a new moon, and the northern part shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.(Cruise lake Own Expenses)【Wen Wu Temple】Located in the northern waist, dedicated to Confucius, Yue Fei and Guan Yu, named after temples and it was built along the mountain.【Peacock Garden】It is a mini zoo located by the ring road of Sun Moon Lake. In order to beautify of the Sun Moon Lake, late president Chiang Kai-shek ordered General He Ying-qin and Provincial Minister Huang Jie and so on to build this park for tourists’ free visit.【Evergreen Grassland】Watch flock of sheep roaming freely on the grassland and watch live sheep shearing show.
Day 4: Taiwan Tea Center / Anping Old Street / North Gate Crystal Church / Qian Lai Ye / Tainan Farm Activity (B/D)
Hotel: Tainan Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm or similar
【Anping Old Street】The oldest streets in Taiwan thus also known as "Taiwan's First Street". The streets are lined with many special shops such as grocery stores, traditional toy stores, snack bars and many other Tainan local snacks.【North Gate Crystal church】Taiwan's first theme design with white crystal wedding chapel; an imitation of Guam Sea church built St.LagunaChapel crystal church, which stands elegantly in the water, white reflection dreamy, romantic feeling from exotic.【Qian Lai Ye】Exterior walls is to use local scrap tiles, shells, oyster shells from the shop to the front of the house hung a gold ingot sign, a symbol of business is booming, the extra cash.
Day 5: Foguang Shan Temple / Pearl / Lotus Pond / Dragon Tiger Tunnel / Dream Mall (Ferris Wheel Own Expenses) / Jinjuan Or Kaixuan Night Market (Stop over 2H) (B/L)
Hotel: 4*City Suite Kaohsiung or similar
【Foguang Shan Temple 】For Taiwan's first ten jungle, planning, layout style which Diange of Architecture, broad temples, statues sculpture, courtyard mused distinctive, unique style.【Dragon & Tiger Pagodas】Built in 1976, the appearance of two dragon sculpture pavilion to the main tower, the dragon into the tiger's mouth out there good luck meaning.【Dream Mall】Dream Mall was built by the Uni-President Group. Which cost $ 30 billion dollars and has became Taiwan's largest shopping center.Its shape looks exactly like a whale, quite a distinctive view, with a Ferriswheel on the top. (Ferris Wheel Own Expenses)【Jinjuan , Kaixuan Night Market】The largest night market in Kaohsiung area, Diamond every Monday, Wednesday closed, Triumph every Tuesday, Thursday closed.
Day 6: Martyr’s Shrine / Tianlu Arts Center / Taipei 101 Shopping Mall (Observatory own expenses)/ Shenkeng Tofu Street / Ximending (Stop over 2H) (B/L)
Hotel: 3* Taipei Paradise Hotel or similar
【Martyr’s Shrine】Bit beside the Grand Hotel, perched mountains, facing the Keelung River. Hourly changing of the guard changing ceremony whistle, it is unmistakable features, worth a visit.【Taipei 101】Planning of shopping center fashion district, designer boutique area, cosmetic counters, bookstores, offers elegant and spacious shopping space; major restaurants and food homeless various flavors of food, drink banquet are appropriate; plus sports and fitness Hall, SPA and other leisure services, so that 101 shopping centers both fashion, delicacies, entertainment, social and cultural complex functions (Observatory own expenses).【Shenkeng Tofu Street】From the beginning of three centuries-old trees landmarks, street signs most likely mostly the stores sell bean curd hanging everywhere, hence the name.【Ximending】There "There Taipei Shinjuku" said the well-shaped street design, between alleys gathered many popular products, leisure, enjoy food, shopping, shopping and entertainment stronghold.
Day 7: Grand Scenic Area / Kistler center / Shilin Official Residence / Yangmingshan National Park / Wufenpu / Raohe Night Market (Stop over 2H) (B/L)
Hotel: 3* Taipei Paradise Hotel or similar
【Grand Scenic Area】Round Mountain landscape view is good, convenient traffic around, surrounding recreation points, there Martyrs, new parks, such as the Grand Hotel, the local trails cicadas heard, Taipei has always been a popular place for people climbing gym.【Shilin Official Residence】It is the residence of President Chiang Kai-shek during his lifetime. Here you can feel the style of life of President. It is reconstructed to an ecological park. From time to time it holds flower shows for visitors to enjoy. 【Yangmingshan National Park 】It is close to the Taipei metropolitan area therefore is so-called Back Garden of Taipei and is an famous summer resort in northern Taiwan. Big Flower Clock is a place you have to visit and take pictures in the park.【Wufenpu】There are nearly one thousand of the garment shops in this gathering, which sourced from across the province and other places such as Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea. The clothes with high quality sold in wholesale price here so attracted many young people come to shopping. 【Raohe Night Market】It is 600 meters in length, near Shongshan Railway Station. There is a decorated-archway in front of the entrance. There are various shops and stands in the night market. It presents Taiwanese characteristic and is definitely a place worth visiting.
Day 8: Taipei – Taoyuan International Airport – Home Sweet Home (B)
Free activities, to designated collection time Transfer to airport for flight back home.


Day 1: 出發地-桃園機場 (無供餐)
Day 2: 台北中正紀念堂/台灣伴手禮店/六福村主題樂園-包門票(停留2.5H)/苗栗客家圓土樓/溫泉渡假村享受美人湯 (早餐/晚餐:渡假村料理)
Day 3: 南投日月潭/文武廟/孔雀園/邵族文物特產館/清境農場/青青草原-綿羊城堡(包門票)/清境民宿 (早餐/午餐:花卉養生料理/晚餐:山莊料理)
Day 4: 台灣茶園/台南安平老街/北門水晶教堂/錢來也/台南農場活動 (早餐/晚餐:農場料理)
【安平老街】 為三百多年前荷蘭人在安平修建的第一條路,又有『台灣第一街』之稱,街道兩旁聚集了許多特色店家,柑仔店、古早味童玩小吃店還有百年的蜜餞店鹹酸甜。【北門水晶教堂】是台灣第一個以婚紗主題設計的白色水晶教堂;一座仿關島海之教會St.LagunaChapel而建的水晶教堂,它優雅的矗立在水中,白色倒影如夢似幻,感受來自異國的浪漫。【錢來也】牆壁外觀是利用當地廢棄瓦片、貝殼、蚵殼鋪製而成,屋前掛著金元寶的招牌,象徵生意興隆、財源滾滾。
Day 5: 高雄佛光山/珍珠推廣中心/蓮池潭/龍虎塔/夢時代廣場(可自費搭乘Hello Kitty摩天輪)/ 金鑽或凱旋夜市(停留2H) (早餐/午餐:萬鑾豬腳鄉土料理)
飯店: 4*高雄城市商旅、香富飯店或同級
【夢時代廣場】為超大型的購物娛樂中心,分為水、花卉、自然、宇宙等四大主題,並有102.5公尺高的Hello Kitty摩天輪。
Day 6: 台北忠烈祠/天祿貔貅招財館/台北101大樓商場(觀景台自費)/深坑豆腐街/西門町(停留2H) (早餐/午餐:蒙古烤肉自助餐)
飯店: 3*台北伊樂園、喬美、瑞格商旅或同級
Day 7: 台北圓山風景區/士林官邸公園/陽明山國家公園/花鐘/辛亥光復樓/五分埔/饒河街夜市(停留2H) (早餐/午餐:台灣牛肉麵套餐)
飯店: 3*台北伊樂園、喬美、瑞格商旅或同級
Day 8: 台北-桃園機場-甜蜜的家 (早餐)


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