5D4N Yangon Bagan Myanmar Explorer

Inclusions: Return international (Myanmar Airways), Domestic airfares, 4 Nights stay @ selected hotel with breakfast, transportation, English speaking guide service, Sightseeing tour, Admission Tickets.

Day 01  Singapore – Yangon (Dinner)
Upon arrival, a warm welcome by our local guide at the arrival hall where she will assist and arrange your transfers to your selected hotel for check in. After check-in, a wonderful dinner invitation awaits you a restaurant located on the Royal Lake. It is built in the style of Royal Barge used by Myanmar’s Kings for official functions and festivities. 
Day 02  Yangon – Bagan (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Start your day with breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, leave Yangon for Bagan by domestic flight. Begin Bagan full day sightseeing by coach such to attractions such as Nyaung Oo Market, Shwezigon Pagoda – build by King Anawahta in the early 11th century as a religious shrine; Kyansittha Cave Monastery; Wetkyi-in Guvyaukkyi – a temple with exquisite murals of Jataka scene; Temple City Gate and Lacquer ware Industry. Lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, continue sightseeing. See Gawawplin Temple; Ananda Temple & Oakkyaung with four huge standing Buddha images and numerous seated figures in niches around the galleried interior, Thatbyinnyu Temple, Sulamnani Temple, Damayangyi Temple. Finally, watch sunset over the Ayeyarwaddy River from Shwesandaw or Mahazedi Pagoda. Dinner and Puppet Show at the local restaurant.
Day 03  Bagan – Popa – Bagan (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
After b’fast, this morning make an excursion to Mt.Popa which rose from the ground in a massive earthquake in 442 BC. Mt.Popa is famous as the abode of the Nats (Sprit Gods) and for its panoramic view of the local tropical region. On the way to Mt.Popa, visit a toddy palm juice production plant.  In the afternoon, visit a lacquer-ware factory. As the day wanes, you will take a horse cart right thought the temples to Bupaya, a Pyu style stupa which is located right on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River and from where you begin a scenic boat ride ending at Lawkananda Pagoda, a riverside stupa where you can catch another magnificent sunset. Overnight in Bagan.
Day 04 Bagan – Yangon (Breakfast / Dinner)
After breakfast leave Bagan for Yangon by domestic flight. Lunch at a local restaurant (own arrangement). After lunch, begin Yangon half day sightseeing with visit to Chaukhtatgyi pagoda a colossal reclining Buddha, followed by a local glass blowing factory and Gem Souvenir Centre and factory. Finally, proceed to Bogyoke (Scott) Market you have time to browse among the hundreds of stalls for souvenir bargains. In the evening, visit the revered Shwedagon pagoda– a 2500 years old world famous stupa, Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight in Yangon. 
Day 05  Yangon – Singapore (Breakfast)
After breakfast in hotel, transfer to airport for your flight back home.
Note: tinerary and order of sightseeing tours maybe reshuffled with or without prior notice.
Yangon – Karawaik Palace, Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, Bogyoke Market, Shwedagon Pagoda
Bagan – Nyaung Oo Market, Shwezigon Pagoda, Kyansittha Cave Monastery, Wetkyi-in Gubyaukkyi, City Gate, Gawawplin Temple, Ananda Temple, Thatbyinnyu Temple, Sulamnani Temple, Damayangyi Temple
Mt Popa – Lacquer-ware Factory, Bupaya, Lawkananda Pagoda
5天4夜 蒲甘探索之旅
第一天: 新加坡 – 仰光 (晚餐)
飞抵仰光国际机场 (Yangon International Airport),在与导游会合后送往登记仰光酒店。接着,前往一间当地非常著名的餐馆- 卡拉威宫(Karaweik palace)。位于皇家湖,卡拉威宫 (Karaweik palace) 可说是仰光市的地标。包含了传统的外观设计与现代元素,卡拉威宫 (Karaweik palace) 的华丽已为皇家湖增添不少色彩。它原是为了缅甸皇族举办公务活动和节目而建成,今天的卡拉威宫(Karaweik palace) 为大家服务,提供许多美味佳肴及传统歌舞表演任您享受。接着,返回酒店休息。
第二天: 仰光 – 蒲甘 (早/午/晚餐)
于酒店享用早餐后,我们将离开仰光乘搭内陆班机飞往有着“佛塔之城”美称的蒲甘 (Bagan)。抵达后,乘搭巴士展开全天日的蒲甘观光之旅,游览景点如良乌市集 (Nyaung Oo Market);11世纪由阿奴律陀王 (King Anawahta) 建造的宗教圣地 —- 瑞喜宫塔 (Shwezigon Pagoda);江喜陀寺 (Kyansittha Cave Monastary);还有精致地描绘着佛学本生经 (Jataka) 的宏伟彩画石窟寺 (Wetkyi-in Gubyaukkyi);城门庙 (Temple City Gate) 以及漆料工艺。午餐于当地餐馆享用后,继续蒲甘观光之旅。参观约60米高的葛道帕林塔 (Gawdawplin Temple) ;屹立着四尊佛像,且同时拥有长廊式的内部装潢与许多盘坐壁龛雕像的阿南达寺 (Ananda Temple) ;建造于12世纪的达宾纽寺 (Thatbyinnyu Temple) ;苏拉玛尼寺 (Sulamani Temple) 以及达玛央吉寺 (Dhamanyangyi Temple) 。最后,我们将从瑞山陀塔 (Shwesandaw Pagoda) 或摩诃悉提佛塔 (Mahazedi Pagoda) 欣赏凌驾在伊洛瓦底江 (Ayeyarwaddy River) 上的日落美景。之后,享受恭候您光临大驾的丰盛晚餐及精彩的木偶表演。
第三天: 蒲甘 – 波帕 – 蒲甘 (早/午/晚餐)
早餐后,游览于公元前442年的一次巨大地震中拔地而起,以“神灵的住所”和对周围热带地区的广阔视野而闻名的波帕山 (Mt. Popa) 。这座已沉睡千年的死火山被缅甸人奉为众神群聚的圣地,是缅甸的一座神山。前往波帕山的途中,参观棕榈汁生产厂及漆器工厂。之后,您将乘坐着马车沿着河畔往卜帕耶寺 (Bupaya Pagoda), 是当地罕见的 在阿奴律王朝之前修建的建筑,遭受地震破坏后于1975年重建。旅程结束于罗迦南达塔 (Lawkananda Pagoda),站在塔上可以俯视整个伊洛瓦底江 (Ayeyarwaddy River),是个观赏日落的好地方。于蒲甘酒店过夜。
第四天: 蒲甘 –仰光(早/午/晚餐)
早餐后,乘搭内陆班机飞往仰光。抵达后,于当地餐馆享用午餐。接着,继续起程,展开仰光的半日游。首先游览乔达基卧佛寺 (Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda) ,您将会看到一尊巨大的卧佛。其卧佛长20米,高5.4米,因足底有着108个代表轮回的图案而闻名。随后,参观玻璃吹制厂以及宝石加工厂与纪念品中心。最后,前往位于市中心的昂山市场(Bogyoke Market),即被称为斯科特市场 (Scott Market),是仰光市内最大的旅游工艺品市场,有各种天然的宝石玉器、金银饰品和传统工艺品出售,是外国客人购物的天堂。您可在这个拥有上百个摊位的市集享受与小贩们讨价还价的欢乐时光。傍晚时分,我们将前去瞻仰一座擁有2500年悠久歷史著名的黃金佛塔 — 瑞光大金塔 (Shwedagon Pagoda)。其圓頂形狀上升98米以上的基地與60吨纯黄金,金碧辉煌令人震撼不已。晚餐于当地餐馆享用。之后,返回酒店休息。
第五天: 仰光 – 新加坡 (早餐)


WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL TO MYANMAR??? Myanmar has 3 seasons in a year.
Cold Season: Mid Oct to Mid Feb (Best time to visit Myanmar, cooling weather!) Please note that it can be very cold at night for places in Putao region and Inle Lake (popular tourist attractions). Do bring along thick winter clothing.
  Summer Season: Mid Feb to Mid May (Temperatures may be scorching in Yangon as high as 40 degree but usually is only in the afternoon for short period of time. Other than that, places in Northern Myanmar or highland still enjoy relatively cooler climate)
  Rainy Season: Mid May to Mid October (It will be rainy in lower part of Myanmar like in Yangon. But places in Mandalay experience lesser amount of rainfall, so one can still visit such area even thou is rainy season.)
INTERESTING FACT? There are over 100 ethnic groups in Myanmar, with all their won languages and dialects. The majority speak Myanmar (Burmese), although English is widely spoken. 
SHOULD I TAKE OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE BEFORE VISITING MYANMAR: We know that a lot of things can happen from the time you book your holiday to the actual date so whenever you are travelling it would be good precaution to have travel insurance. 
Click here to check out our discounted rates for TENET Traveljoy.
Click here to check out our discounted rates for ACE Insurance.
TIME DIFFERENCE? Myanmar is 1.5 hours behind Singapore, GMT +6.5 hours. 
WHAT SHOULD I PACK? Casual and light clothing is suitable for year round travel in Myanmar. A jacket or sweater will be advisable in hilly areas especially during winter months where evening is cool. Tourists are advised to dress decently. Slippers or sandals are advisable for footwear. Please note that slippers, shoes and socks must be removed upon entering pagodas, temples and monasteries. Bared shoulders and knees should be covered. 
WHAT FORM OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED? The national currency is call Kyat (pronounced as “chat”) It comes in K1000, K200, K100, K50, K20, K10, K5 & K1 denomination notes. Usually, one can use Singapore, Euro, Pounds, US Dollars preferably to change into local Kyat. It is not advisable and perhaps even difficult to find Kyat in your country. So you can always change it at Yangon International Airport after you had claimed your luggage.
WHAT KIND OF ELECTRIC OUTLET IS USED IN THE MYANMAR? 220 Volts AC. In Yangon, AC Wall plug in most hotels uses the same 2 or 3 pin that we use in Singapore. However, please bring international adapter as well. 
  From Dec 1, Singaporeans travelling to Myanmar for short trips will no longer need to apply for a visa.
FOR OTHER NATIONALITIES 1st Method:  Should you have a status in Singapore (E.g. Singapore Citizen, work permit holder, PR) you can directly go to Myanmar Embassy in Singapore to apply. By doing so, it will be cheaper as one only pay SGD$35 (visa fees) + SGD$10 (admin fees)= SGD$45.
However, you have to book an appointment first on the Myanmar Embassy website.  Log on to: http://www.mesingapore.org.sg/visa.html
  Book an appointment, fill up the details online. They will send you an email with the confirm appointment timing. Go to the embassy early (between 8am-9am, wait for your queue number to be call). Submit the documents with your passport. One will receive notification to collect your passport on the very same day in the evening around 4pm onwards. It can be done all within one day, easy & quick!
  2nd Method:   One can also chose to submit online at this website: http://evisa.moip.gov.mm
  Get eVisa Approval Within 4 Steps
2) CONFIRM AND PAY (Use your credit card to make payment online)
3) GET APPROVAL LETTER WITHIN 3 DAYS via Email. (Print out the approval letter and bring along with passport. You will need to present it upon arrival.)
  Note: From 1st December 2016 onwards, there will be a 30-days visa free exemption for all Singaporeans
MEAL OPTIONS? All our tours are usually inclusive of meals. Please do indicate at time of booking any special dietary requirements that we should be aware of.
WHAT HAPPENS UPON ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT? You will be met by our airport representative, holding board with your name on it at the arrival area. Our representative will then assist you with your luggage and escort you to the hotel for check in and depending on the itinerary flow, proceed for the next leg of your travel itinerary
THINGS TO NOTE? Do not drink from tap water. Bottled purified water is available. 
MYANMAR FACT SHEET Capital City: Naypyidaw
Biggest City: Yangon
Total Area: 676,578 sq km 
Population: 51,486,253 (2014)


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