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9 Reasons Why Visiting Sri Lanka Will Change Your Life

Are you aching for a sort of journey that will open your eyes to sights like you have never seen before? An once-in-a-lifetime experience that will change you, inspire you and securely lodge itself in your mind forever? Then Sri Lanka is just the right place for you. With its rich history, otherworldly scenery and one-of-a-kind wildlife, this magical island will stun even those who think they had seen it all.


1. The Sigiriya Fortress Is Probably The Most Exquisite Rock in the World

Built in the 5th century by the ambitious King Kashyapa, Sigiriya (or the Lion Rock) is one of the most famous historical sites in Sri Lanka. Greeting you with two huge lion paws at its entrance, the remains of the king’s palace are located on top of the citadel. In case you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can take the steep, narrow staircase all the way to the top to explore the beautiful gardens and look at the fascinating frescoes.

Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress in Sri Lanka
1a. Lion paws at the entrance to Sigiriya


Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sri Lanka
1a – Sigiriya Fortress seen from the air

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2. The Baby Elephants From the Pinnawala Orphanage Will Melt Your Heart

Because, let’s face it – who doesn’t love baby elephants? At the Pinnawala Orphanage, you will get a chance to meet elephants face to face and even feed the little ones all by yourself. For a truly fun and memorable experience, make sure to visit the orphanage during bathing time, where all the elephants are taken to the nearby river for some quality splashing playtime.

Pinnawela Elephants Orphanage Sri Lanka
Elephants in Pinnawala Orphanage 


Pinnawela elephant orphanage Sri Lanka (2)
Elephants in Pinnawala Orphanage (2)

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3. Shopping Experience In Colombo Is Off The Charts

Whether you’re eyeing Sri Lankan traditional treasures like precious jewelry, high-quality porcelain, beautiful hand-woven cloths, or perhaps bargain-priced high fashion Western brands, Colombo will be an ideal spot for the ultimate shopping spree. Bonus points if you have good haggling skills!  

paradise road Colombo Sri Lanka
3a. Paradise Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka


odel departmet store colombo sri lanka
3b. Odel Department Store, Colombo, Sri Lanka


4. Sri Lankan Beaches Are Out Of This World

There is a good reason why beautiful sandy beaches of the teardrop-shaped island have been all the rage in recent years. Not only do they stretch for miles and miles, they are also remarkably pristine and oftentimes nearly deserted – allowing you to bask in these heavenly surroundings all by yourself. If you’re more of an active type, there is a variety of water sports available to international visitors, including snorkeling and scuba diving.

nilaveli beach Sri Lanka
4a. Nilaveli Beach


4b. Koggala Beach


5. The Local Food Will Make Your Palate Go Wild

Much like the cultural makeup of its people, Sri Lankan cuisine is also incredibly diverse. The vibrant and colorful meals, which usually consist of rice and some type of delicious vegetable, meat or seafood curry will especially entice those who like a bit of a kick to their food. Also, you can’t miss out on King coconuts or the tasty curd and treacle, a staple dessert of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Sri Lanka food
5a. Sri Lankan Meal


sri lanka buffet
5b. Sri Lankan Buffet


6. Ayurveda Will Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Soul

Don’t worry – not everything in Sri Lanka is steep rocks and wild animals. Once you feel like you need to take a break from your exciting adventures, you can take shelter in one of Sri Lanka’s numerous spas for much needed pampering time. You can recharge your batteries with a nourishing Ayurvedic program in form of massage, hydrotherapy or various beauty treatments. You will feel rejuvenated in no time! 

6a. Ayurveda

ayurveda herbs
6b. Assorted herbs used in Ayurvedic treatments


7. The Rolling Tea Plantations Will Be An Ideal Place For Hiking

Most people have heard about Sri Lanka’s famous Ceylon tea, right? Well, now you will have an opportunity to walk in these lush tea plantations that stretch like a blanket over thousands of square kilometers of Sri Lankan soil. You can also see how Ceylon tea is made and even go for tea tasting. If you can muster up the strength, take the trail all the way to Adam’s Peak for a truly astonishing view of these gorgeous green tea valleys.

7a – Tea plantation in the Valley of Adam’s Peak

adams-peak-sri-pada-sri-lanka (1)
7b. Adam's Peak


8. The Dambulla Cave Temple Will Leave You Breathless

Tourists and pilgrims alike who are looking to experience something truly fascinating can step into the magnificent world of the Dambulla Cave Temple. This sacred pilgrimage site consist of five caves found under a large overhanging rock. Once you enter the dim-lighted interior of the temple complex, you will be able to admire the vivid mural paintings and an array of statues depicting Lord Buddha, as well as other gods and goddesses. 

shutterstock_225802684 Buddha statues in Dambulla Cave Temple, Srilanka
8a. Dambulla Cave (interior)


8b. Dambulla Cave (exterior)

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9. You Will Meet The Kindest And Friendliest People

Many visitors have attested to Sri Lanka’s incredible hospitality – so you can rest assured that you will be met with smiles and warm welcome wherever you go. And besides making indelible memories, perhaps this island is the place where you will also make friendships for life.



srilanka dance


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