Namsan Tower Seoul South Korea

10 Places To Go On Your First Trip To Seoul, South Korea

OK, so after binge-watching that gripping Korean drama or spending hours listening to your favorite K-pop tunes, you finally decide it’s time to pack up and go to this exciting, wonderful place known as Seoul, South Korea. But where to start? Everything seems so overwhelming! Not to worry – you have just come across the ultimate beginner’s resource for the most amazing things to do while in Seoul.


1. Enjoy The Serene Atmosphere of The Gyoengbokgung Palace

Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way first – there’s no visiting Seoul without going to the majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace. You will be fascinated with its awe-inspiring architecture and its peaceful, picturesque surroundings. Best time to visit the palace is during the change of the royal guards ceremony, a perfect opportunity to witness this age-old tradition from first-hand experience.

Gyeongbokgung Seoul, Korea
Gyeongbokgung Palace (1)


Gyeongbokgung Seoul South Korea 2
Gyeongbokgung Palace (2)


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2. Admire The View From The Top Of N Seoul Tower

Couples, this one is for you. Take your sweetheart to the top of the Namsan hill, where you can declare your eternal love for each other on a padlock, take the elevator all the way to the top of the tower and take silly pictures or share a tasty dessert at the observatory café while looking into each other’s eyes lovingly.

View from N Seoul Tower, South Korea
View from top of N Seoul Tower


South Korea_Namsan
Namsan, Seoul

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3. Pet Cats, Dogs, Raccoons (Yes, You Read That Right!) And More In Animal Cafés

In case you like your coffee with a side of fluffy animal cuddles, then Korea is definitely the purrfect place for you. Cat cafés are already well-known and have become quite popular, but these days you can even sip lattes while hanging out with dogs, raccoons… and even sheep! 

Cat Cafe Seoul
3a. Cat Cafe

Sheep Cafe Seoul
3b. Sheep Cafe


4. Explore Korea’s Unique History In The National Museum

As the largest museum in the country, this impressively vast institution will be ideal for those who would like to spend a couple of hours navigating through Korea’s long and fascinating cultural history, all the way from the ancient times to modern day.


Seoul South Korea National Museum
4a. National Museum, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul National Museum South Korea
4b. National Museum, Seoul, South Korea


5. Sip Tea In One Of The Glorious Buddhist Temples

It might sound strange, but it is possible to find your inner Zen even in the noisy, bustling streets of Seoul – just visit one of the gorgeous Buddhist temples, where you will find various insightful programs for tourists, including tea ceremony, mandala-crafting, an opportunity to have a glimpse into the everyday lives of monks and many others.

Jogyesa Temple Seoul South Korea
5a. Jogyesa Temple

Smiling Statue Jogyesa Temple Seoul South Korea
5b. Jogyesa Temple


6. Learn About The Korean War In The DMZ

OK, so maybe meditation and thinking about your own transience isn’t your cup of (green) tea and you are looking for an edgier adventure. Not to worry, because you can always hop on a bus for a short one-hour ride to the DMZ, where you will be able to safely step into North Korea for a truly surreal and memorable experience. Just remember to keep a straight face!

DMZ Demilitarized Zone Seoul South Korea
6a. DMZ Demilitarized Zone 

DMZ Demilitarized Zone Seoul South Korea (2)
DMZ Demilitarized Zone Chop

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7. Roam The Exciting Streets Of The Hongdae Area

After a long day of sight-seeing, you’ll probably want to take the edge off – and what better way to do that than getting lost in the busy streets of Hongdae, Seoul’s artsiest neighborhood. Perfect for shopping on a budget, drinking soju (Korean rice liquor) in lively bars and seeing fun street performances, Hongdae will be sure to impress all the young, bohemian types out there.

Hongdae Night Seoul South Korea
7a. Hongdae at night

Hongdae in the day Seoul South Korea
7b. Hongdae in the day


8. Nanta Show

Tired of just walking, shopping and exploring? Sometimes all we want is to just take a seat, relax and be entertained. Look no further and go for the Nanta Show! It’s a world-renowned comedy (no-dialouge) performance using a combination of music, dance & acting. The premise is a kitchen where the performers are all chefs rushing to whip up a meal. Definitely a show for visitors of all ages, cultures and background!

Nanta Show Seoul South Korea
8a. Nanta Show

nanta show seoul south korea
8b. Nanta Show

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9. Noryangjin Fish Market

Don’t be fooled by the ‘Fish Market’ name. Besides fish, there are more sea creatures for sale over here than you can ever imagine! Pick your choice, bargain your price, have them cooked and savor them all, right there in the market!

Noryangjin Market, Seoul Korea
9a. Noryangjin Fish Market


Noryangjin Market, Alaska King Crabs, Seoul Korea
9b. Noryangjin Fish Market


10. Finish Your Trip In (Gangnam) Style

Thanks to Psy’s massively popular 2012 K-pop hit, there probably isn’t a person in the world left who hasn’t heard of Seoul’s famous high-end, buzzing neighborhood of Gangnam. And for a good reason, too – this area is packed with fabulous shops, lush cafés and upmarket bars that will make you never want to leave.

gangnam seoul South Korea
10a. Gangnam


Gangnam Seoul South Korea
10b. Gangnam


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